i can tell by the way you're standing at the bar
it's your first time here
looking for a little romance
your intentions are perfectly clear
you seem a little nervous, a bit unsure
well, i can fix that
i've been close to love a time or two
and gathered all the important facts

i can tell you all you need to know
follow me, i know the ropes
it's a little complicated, there's a lot to learn
so we'll go slow
if you wanna absolutely, positively, truly fall in love
i can tell you... allyou need to know

there's nothing to buy, there's no books to read
there's no special tools
a little bit of huggin', a little bit of kissin'
we'll call that school
i can draw you a picture, mark out the steps
one, two, three
if you forget where you are, if you lose your place
well, just ask me...

repeat chorus