did you forget to lock the barn door again
the herefords have wondered back into the yard
has the 1024 been repaired, have you fixed the bailer
when will you admit that this life has grown too hard
the combine and the diesel have rusted with the years
and been discarded in a field that's overgrown
a lifetime of dreams, blood, sweat and tears
on the line with every seed you've thrown

eben, you're no longer young
don't take on the fields today
pulling on his working boots, he says
"you can take an interest,
but don't take my life away
please don't take my life away"

the silage should have been cut a week ago before it dried
you won't get the oats in before they fall
the ad for the hired man just won't be answered
the rewards for an honest day's work has grown too small
your brothers to the south of you,
the neighbors to the north
found the land just won't support them anymore
so they sold out to the big man, the mass production farm
but eben's on his way to do the chores

repeat chorus

old friends gone to the earth that they lived for
the few that have survived have moved to town
but eben's out revving up that old john deere
no sign of ever slowing down

repeat chorus

© 2013 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.