jenny, melissa and chuck
dropped by to cheer me up
they're surprised to find me acting
like a party's just begun
i don't let them see
how losing you hurt me
a carefree smile, a casual laugh
don't i look like i'm having fun

it's just a face in the crowd
a mask i wear when i go out
no tears in my eyes, a clever disguise
i can hide how i feel inside
my friends say i've been strong
you didn't break my heart for long
i'm not blue, i'm over you, i'm above that cloud
but that's just my face in a crowd

tonight when i get home
i might cry alone
i might break down, it's a lonesome sound
when i'm calling out for you
but in this crowded room
i can make the world assume
i don't care, by the face i wear
i've got everybody fooled

© 2013 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.