boss is on my ass
you're fifteen minutes late
happens one more time, boy
we'll be partin' ways
i remind him, we pulled double shifts
working until dawn
pulling trees off power lines
to turn the lights back on
hundred degrees in baton rouge
another storm is on the way
i don't mind, i'll make it through
it's just another day

   then i head home
   to a cabin in the woods i built by hand
   a beautiful woman
   twenty acres of land
   a three year old in a cowboy hat
   who grins from ear to ear
   when she says "daddy, pick me up"
   i know why i'm here
   i may be just a number to the rest to the world
   but i'm the world's greatest husband
   father of the year
   everybody's hero
   and king of the country
   round here

keepin' power in these 'lectric lines
know 'em all for 50 miles
thunderstorm or hurricane
test me by any trial
there's power on the radio
when they're singing about love
or songs about family
i can't get enough
i'm shocked from time to time
by things folks say and do
i climb these poles every day
you do what you gotta to do

   repeat chorus

i'm driving down 61
said all i need to say
sweat 'n' sore, dirt 'n' hurt
at the end of a working day

   repeat chorus

©2016 david snyder and floyd jane