it's not likely
she'll ask you to stay for the night
she likes awaking up alone
but it's still early
so turn out the light and hold the moment
when she'll be your own
when she'll be at home
in your heart...
in your heart....

   but she doesn't want to be somebody's lady
   she doesn't want to be tied down
   doesn't want to be somebody's lady
   she likes this night life
   she likes this town
   likes the woman that she's found
   she's found herself
   found herself to be
   alive and free
   after being lost so long
   in the shadow of a man

it takes that hearbreak
sometimes before you find you never needed
what you thought held your whole world
he held her down, ran around
made her believe she'd never make it
without her man
without his strong hand
to hold her heart...
hold her heart...

   repeat chorus

first names, bar games
laughter in the night that comes so easy
and leaves no promises at all
maybe i'll call
maybe, maybe i'll call

   repeat chorus

Brass By