i've been to paris but i don't speak a lick of french
i climbed those pyramids and did a little egypt dance
i've seen those amber waves of grain
from the back of a fast moving train
i've cut my jeans on a rusty texas barbed wire fence

now i ain't goin' nowhere
i've found a reason to stay
send my mail right here
i've packed my bags away
my get and go, done got up and gone
i'm sitting on the porch while the world moves on
trust me, man, i swear
i ain't goin' nowhere

there was a time when i'd never stop moving ‘round
only happy when i was in between towns
i'd hardly land before
i had one foot out the door
my vocabulary didn't include the words "settling down"

repeat chorus

look at her and tell me
you'd budge an inch from where i sit
i've chased rainbows enough to know where they end
brother, let me tell you this is it

repeat chorus