when my baby left atlanta
she said "i need a little time alone
i'll call you in a day or two
don't wander far from the phone"
it's going on three weeks, i've barely been ten feet
out of that ringer's range
i'm sittin' round waiting like a puppy for a bone
wondering if her feelings have changed

my southern belle ain't ringing
there ain't no mail that the mailman's bringing
when i'm talking to somebody else
there's no call waiting for me
i need to hear those wires singing
i'm holding on but i'm barely clinging
i'm going through hell
'cause my southern belle ain't ringing

i keep picking up the receiver
checking that it's still got a tone
was i a fool to believe her
when's the girl gonna phone home
i'm the kind of guy who likes a little quiet
every now and then
but enough is enough, i can't stand another second
of the silence that's settin' in

repeat chorus