it's good to see you..buddy, how ya been?
everybody's been wondering
if you'd ever come back..after all you've been through
we thought her goodbye might be the end of you

yeah, she's still around...i see her now and then
are you sure that you want to go through that again
she hurt you so badly when she walked away
how much more do you think you can take

if a broken heart can be broken again
would it be left enough pieces to mend
it's dangerous ground
so far down
it would be the darkest place you'd ever been
if a broken heart can be broken again

it's there in your're not over her
but there's only so much a heart can endure
when you loves so can't understand
if you take that leap...there may be no place to land

repeat chorus

it will be the darkest place you've ever been
if your broken heart gets broken again