mediterranean waters
a masquarade ball on the sea
the captian has kisses for all the young ladies
have the orchestra play one for me
jack's dressed as the mad hatter
clare calls herself alice tonight
champagne spills from their teacups
there's no hurry to see morning's light

and her wish goes up to the north star
just one last dream 'fore i go
just once more 'round the ballroom
let the wonderland waltz swing me low

they met on a sunday by chance
he helped bait her hook and asked if she danced
"why, yes" and the courtship began
jack carved their initials in sand
but another year's voyage is over
clare's pictures will help them recall
jack gives his warm thanks to the captain and crew
clare's back to the wonderland ball


but it's been ten years since jack passed on
five or six that the money's been gone
so clare scrimps and saves just to get by
the past sits in the attic alone
she carefully takes out the pictures
look at jack handsome as he can be
she lives on for a promise she's made to herself
"i'm gonna dance once again on the sea"