i'm having trouble finding the words
to melt that girl's resistance
i'm bound and determined to win her heart
but so far it's kept its distance
i need to say it perfectly
i'm not sure what that might be
but give me the chance, i know
it'll come to me

it'll come to me, it's just a matter of time
it'll come to me, i'll find the perfect line
i won't stumble over my part
it's right on the tip of my heart
it'll come to me, her doubt will disappear
it'll come to me, what she's longing to hear
and when she's ready to give her love
it'll come to me

i don't want to talk about the moon and stars
that's been done before
worn-out sentiments and old cliches
won't unlock that door
but i'll find that golden key
and i'll use it so eloquently
i won't give up, i know
it'll come to me

repeat chorus