i don't know what it is, maybe it's the rain
or maybe it's just monday here again
a seasonal change might be to blame
you know, it could be
i don't feel like going anywhere at all
or answering the door, or taking any calls
perhaps i'm coming down with whatever's going 'round
it could be

it could be
losing the best thing that i ever had
it could be
this broken heart that's made me feel so bad
should i blame it on the fact you're gone
that keeps coming back to me
i don't know...i suppose... it could be

i really can't explain what's going on inside
can't shake this feeling... god knows i've tried
it's something to do with me and you
and what could be
i don't know why you said goodbye
seems like the moment something in me died
i think i'm closing in on what the problem's been
it could be