if she had a good reason she could make her last stand
a last ditch attempt to keep that ring on her hand
but his love's grown cold....she can't understand
she's tried everything

she promised to honor, trust, and obey
but they gave her no rules for when love slips away
alone at the crossroads.... not sure of her way
she's tried everything

   she's tried to be more than a friend
   a lover, a mother, the rock where he stands
   holding on, holding out, hoping he'll love her again
   she's tried to bring back the romance
   and time after time given him one last chance
   how could they let what they had slip right thru their hands
   but she's tried everything

she leaves her key in the kitchen, and a note on the mirror
as she closes the front gate, her conscience is clear
she hesitates for a moment, but all doubt's disappeared
cause she knows she's tried everything
she's tried everything... oh... everything

if she had a good reason she could make her last stand
but she drives away.... no ring on her hand

© 2014 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.

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