the cops came one night and they spoke to his mom
how could a bartender let daddy drive
they buried his old man on the very same day
as that innocent family of five
all his dad left was a mem'ry of yelling
and watching mom hold ice to her lip
some bottles of gin, so mom's drinkin' again
and a black stetson hat, too big to fit.

and he felt so alone
he had no one at all
he wished he could just disappear in the wall
shattered and shaken
and this close to breakin'
ya can't feel no smaller than that
like a five gallon head
in a ten gallon hat

Many years later he sat at a bar
sunday night, by himself, drinkin' shooters
a little too drunk, a little too loud
talkin' 'bout the waitress' hooters
she stopped dead in her tracks, put down her tray
you could've heard a jaw drop in that place
she stared, she glared, her nostrils flared
she threw a pitcher of beer in his face

(repeat chorus)

took a good look at himself that night
the whole town was talkin', he knew they were right
now he's ten years sober, a good woman to love
raisin' two boys and thanking the good lord above

(chorus 2)
that he's not all alone
he's standin' up tall
before you can walk
you gotta learn how to crawl
he's given up hateful
for growin' and grateful
he's no longer where he was at
a five gallon head
in a ten gallon hat

©2013 Bill Osofsky, BMI, floyd jane ASCAP