i've never been one for love-at-first-sight
but i've fallen head over heels
you've kept those emotions reined in tight
wondering if this could be real
you say it takes time to know
whether or not love can grow
well, if it's gonna take that long
let's get started

don't wait, our hearts are calling
don't be afraid of how hard we're falling
if love takes time
if love takes time
baby, if love takes time
let's get started

you want a love you can depend upon
a heart that will hold true
i want to show you i believe
nothing less will do
together, girl we can't go wrong
forever is what we're working on
it's gonna take that long
let's get started

repeat chorus

come on and hold me like you can't let go
kiss me, i swear that you'll know
this is the one we've been waiting on

repeat chorus

© 2013 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.