with two tin cans...some string from my kite
we made a telephone and talked half the night
when morning would come, she'd be waiting on my front porch
my very best friend.....the girl next door

the first time we danced... i was scared half to death
the whole time she held me, i was holding my breath
i knew we were friends...but i was feeling so much more
i was falling in love.... with the girl next door

as time went on i just fell deeper
could she ever feel the same
a raging river starts high in the hills
from a single drop of rain

a little french cafe....soft candlelight
i practiced all day to get the words just right
when i gave her that ring my heart heard what it'd been waiting for
she said, "it looks like i'll no longer be the girl next door"

as time goes on i just fall deeper
and i know she feels the same
a raging river runs deep in our hearts
from that single drop of rain

we still talk all night... we're still best of friends
our daughters have grown like weeds on a fence
can't help but laugh when we hear the knocks from our front porch
it's every boy on the block.... for our girls next door

gotta shake my head...cause i know how it feels to love ....
the girl next door

© 2013 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.