four years ago gary joined the navy
that last night we cried every tear we ever had
and it seems silly now
remembering how
we made a vow
to hold on, hold on
the first letters came the next week postmarked hong kong
he'd send snapshots of his buddies from japan
and when at sea
he'd write poetry
to send to me
hold on, hold on,
hold on

my girlfriends all got married and they moved away
the school kids get younger every year
all that pulled me through
was a heart that knew
my sailor blue
hold on, hold on
the letters slowed to once a month, then slowed again
the few phone calls were too short to talk
it's been a boring day
i don't know what to say
you're so far away
hold on, hold on,
hold on

i've moved again, it's this job i'm in, the money's good
i'm a women now, i meet the world head on
this city's fun
i've dated some
when the chance has come

i heard somewhere that gary's coming home next week
funny, i couldn't tell you how i feel
a lifetime's slipped by
should we even try
or hold that last goodbye
hold on, hold on,

© 2014 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.