holly's been in love before,
and she likes the way it feels
that gut-wrenchin', toe-clinchin' hit-you-from-behind kind
with no denying it's real
but she hasn't had a lover, true or other
since she can't remember when
watch yourself, boys
holly's out huntin' again

     holly's got a heart, loaded for love
     with both sides pumpin', she's bound to hit something
     if she fires it often enough
     someone's gonna fall
     that's all there is to it
     holly's got a heart
     and she's not afraid to use it

holly gets her heart broke in two
every now and then
she gives a big shrug, that's just love
sometimes you lose, sometimes you win
no matter the cost, she loves gettin' lost
in the romance of it all
there's simply no limits
when holly's heart hears the call

repeat chorus

aim for what you want
and let go with all you've got
holly sets her sights
and gives it her best shot....

repeat chorus