i put my t-shirt on inside out
my boots on the opposite feet
i salted my coffee, i sugared my eggs
now they're scrambled and a little too sweet
i look at you, i can't think straight
that's how i know that it's love
my world never really fell into place
until you shook the whole thing up

inside out and upside down
topsey-turvey and turned around
falling for you has left my head in the clouds
i've got no choice but to let it show
'cause i'm afraid my heart might explode
if i don't let all this love that's inside...out

remember how it felt being six years old
in the back of your dad's oldmobile
that funny tickle you felt deep down
when you hit the crest of a hill
spin yourself around about a hundred times
just as fast as you can
do never-ending summersaults in the yard
you might begin to understand

repeat chorus

© 2013 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.