honey, have you seen my titan's sweatshirt?
i can't find it on my closet shelf
in fact, i'm sure i loaned it to your brother
when he got bar-b-que all on his self
patience and forgiveness
ain't the only things i lack
nothin' that i lend him
ever seems to make it back

ya know i love ya, baby
i love your family, too
but your brother's just a moocher
five finger rendezvous
anything i'm missin'
i know just where it went
'cause everything he borrows
i've given up for lent.

that shirt he wears with f.j. on the pocket
ya know your brother's name is clem devine
his twelve piece black and decker set of sockets
i'd bet your mother's teeth that it was mine
i swear he's got a share of
everything i own
'cause every time we visit him
it looks like i'm at home

(repeat chorus)

they say a penny saved's a penny earned
apparently, a lesson that he's learned

(repeat chorus)

©2015 Bill Osofsky, BMI, floyd jane ASCAP