daddy sent a clipping from the paper out of macon
i couldn't believe my eyes
looking just as sweet as a georgia peach
with her arm around another guy
the story underneath her said a real big wedding
was planned for the end of may
i told her not to wait...what a big mistake
i never thought it'd turn out this way

    if i can make it to macon
    before she takes those vows
    i'll make up for my mistake
    and win her back somehow
    if this old truck can get me there
    i can change her mind
    if i can make it to macon....on time

got my diploma and i left for oklahoma
never meant to be gone so long
momma and daddy sent a letter every week
to keep me up with what was going on
they tried to tell me nicely, break it to me gently
that certain things had changed
that pictures worth... a thousand words
didn't think she'd changed her name

repeat chorus

    my engine's running hot...but i can't slow down
    got a dozen roses...a million reasons..
    i'll turn her heart around

repeat chorus

   if i can make it to macon
   i'll make her mine.....