the rain's soakin' through a hole in my boot
and drippin' from the brim of my hat
i'm shiv'rin' from the chill of a western wind
not much i can do about that
been three hours on the side of this road
not a single car in sight
i'm cold and hungry and tired as hell
ain't this a perfect night

it's a perfect night
for the way that i feel
carrying around a heartache
i know will never heal
letting the rain fall on my face
to hide the tears i've cried
if a man's ever gonna break down
ain't this a perfect night

she's somewhere deep in lower alabama
i hope she's safe and warm
i hope she's found the love she deserves
in a good man's arms
i try to forget...she once was mine
and one day i just might
but most things still remind me she's gone
and ain't this a perfect night

repeat chorus