just like every other day i'm running late
one quick cup of coffee and i'm on my way
90 miles an hour gotta make it on time
can't afford to lose my job on the assembly line
i'm stiff and sore from the struggle and strain
but i've got work so i don't complain
the kids are fed, the bills are paid
when you add it up, i've got it made

so i say the prayer...of a simple man
let me be proud....of who i am
help me make my way by my own hand
this is the prayer...of a simple man

i keep this old house painted so the years don't show
my pickup truck ain't pretty but at least it goes
i count my friends on a single hand
but still count myself a lucky man
playing with the dogs 'til suppertime
with an old block of wood on a yard of twine
ain't got money but i still get by
ain't got much but at least it's mine

repeat chorus

every night i kneel and pray
and thank the good lord for one more day

repeat chorus

god hears the prayer of a simple man

© 2013 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.