no one seems to know what became of mary lou
jimmy thinks she's in la, jenny doesn't think that's true
word down at the rusty nail is she ran off with some guy
heartbroke and lonely she needed no more reason why

she owed me nothing, i know i did her wrong
but i thought i'd find her here, it hasn't been that long
you come to your senses... you finally find your way
sometimes it just all comes down to you're a little bit too late

take me back so i can undo this
take me back to the chance i missed
back in time
to when she was mine
so i can beg her please take me back

an offer from new york i couldn't let slip by
i couldn't make her understand as hard as i might try
i knew the life she wanted would just get in the way
goodbye seemed a last resort and yet the only thing to say

sometimes it takes a while to realize your mistakes
sometimes one moment in time is all it takes
looking in the mirror i saw what i'd become
the lie that i'd been chasing, the love that i ran from

© 2013 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.