you know that old coat that you left behind
I dropped it at the thrift store down on 59
that mug you always liked, well i dropped that too
a hundred little pieces - nothing much that I could do
tending to a garden, that's just not my style
so all your back porch plants have been gone for quite a while
I gave away your cds and your yoga mat
after all what would i do with something like that

there's just one thing
that won't go away
staring back at me
every single day
tell me if you can what do i do
with this i love tammy tattoo

that cabernet you were saving for some special day
i drank straight from the bottle, then threw half of it away
whatever that was in your crochet bin
one night, i unraveled until i reached the end
I finally thought to change the message on my phone
the one where you just giggled and said "wait for the tone"
i deleted every picture that i could find
of you or you and me or anything that brought you to mind