i watched you walk out that gate
and drive away... no goodbyes
taillights fading into the night
love has no chance when no one tries
but i tried the best i could..

i should have seen this coming
someday i may understand
some learn from their mistakes, some never learn at all
but, hell, i'm trying the best i can
i'm trying the best i can.. i'm tryin'

i'm tying - that's all i can do
how do i get over you
is this what love's supposed to be about
do i try to get you back
or let you go and leave it at that
will i ever figure this thing out
oh, i'm tryin'

tomorrow may hold the answer
if nothing else, it's another day
a little distance might be all i need
to forget... or to find my way
and i'm trying the best i can.. i'm tryin'

© 2013 Bud and Janice Merrit and Floyd Jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.