when i should have been playing with the other boys
i chummed around with you, the girl next door
you were as tough as any kid i'd ever known
a ballerina climbing junkyard cars
that ballpark fence was a little too hard
but you always insisted on making it on your own

i'll wait for you to catch up
that's what best friends do
i don't mind that you've fallen behind
i've always lead by a step or two
don't take too long, i need you by my side
i'll help you along when it's too rough a ride
i might get ahead of you, but
i'll wait for you to catch up

i was always the first to try the good or the bad
beer and cigarettes and lying to my dad
when i kissed your friend laurie,
you didn't know what to do
it took some convincing to get you to come
to those parties we had down by old miller's run
but it just wouldn't have been the same without you

repeat chorus

now is it any wonder
i've fallen for you
but you're afraid to admit that it's love
so i'll tell you what i'll do

repeat chorus

© 2013 floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.