the 109 still runs downtown
the way it used to do when you were still around
hasn't skipped a beat and it ain't slowed down
no reason that it should

one more night staring at the moon
that we used to share the way lovers do
but it shines on me without you
i'd pull it down if i could

   you not here is the only thing that's changed
   can't convince my heart not to love you just the same
   one more day hits the window sill
   i reach out, but the only thing i feel is
   you not here.

i spend each day like i did before
that ol' 9 to 5 and then i hit the door
head back home but not sure what for
nothing waits at the other end.

walk the dog and read the mail
take out the trash, more time to kill
it does no good, i know, but still
i cry myself asleep again