Instructions for downloading "Seconds"
(where to put it... how to get it on your iPod,.. etc)

1. Click the CD cover and a dialog will come up so you can Save the zip file on your computer. Choose "Save" and then pick a location on your computer to save it - anywhere (that you will remember).

2. When the download completes, find the zip file ( on your computer. Right-click it and choose "Extract All". Extract it to some place that makes sense to you - like, maybe "My Music".

3. Media Player should find it automatically. If it doesn't, you may have to tell it to add the folder from the File menu. If you don't see a File menu, right-click the top of the window, it should then appear. Choose File and then Add To Library.. click Add and then go find the "floyd jane" folder.

4. iTunes - you may have to import the folder. Go to File > Add Folder To Library and find the floyd jane folder (Then say OK) "Okay!!"

To get the CD cover to show up in iTunes

1. Click the first song (Ain't Goin' Nowhere) to highlight it.

2. Find the last song (Clare And The Wonderland Waltz), Hold down the Shift key and click it. All the songs on the CD should now be highlighted (blue)

3. Right-click in the highlighted area (blue) and choose "Get Info"

4. You will be asked if you want to do this - say "Yes".

5. Check the box next to the album name and then double-click in the empty Atrwork box.

6. Find and select "Folder.jpg" in "floyd jane\Seconds" folder.