the first time i saw the rodeo
i knew that was the life for me
so dad put me up on a mechanical bull
to see how determined i'd be
i got thrown a hundred times
got back up a hundred and one
it hurt a bit, but i couldn't quit
until the job was done

   i took that bull by the horns
   been that way since the day i was born
   like my father before me and his before him
   too stubborn to quit, too proud to give in
   better step aside, you've been forewarned
   i scream like a banshee, i kick up a storm
   when i take that bull by the horns

the first time i saw rebecca lynn
she won a barrel race in san anton'
by the time she took that last turn
i knew i had to make her my own
she resisted every move i made
but, man i was in love
so every time that cowgirl threw me
i just got back up

repeat chorus

daddy always told me, "son, finish what you start"
so i just kept on getting up until i won rebecca's heart

repeat chorus