vocals: Janice Merritt       (

the land was flat when my daddy bought it
an acre needing tending behind our new home
back property line was a forest of pine
miles of trees where we kids could roam
free dirt from a neighbor
that truck dumped a windfall
dad grabbed his wheelbarrow
and started to haul

   for years he worked hard
   to transform that yard
   a realm for his princesses
   to oversee
   my sister and i
   apples of his eye
   sharing the perfect throne
   my daddy's knee

shovel by shovel he built our kingdom
three terraced levels with stepping stone stairs
we were all so fond of his little round pond
half hidden alcoves tucked everywhere
a big bamboo patch
three trees full of cherries
lopsided rock bench
you should have seen the fairies!

repeat chorus

i can still see the look on his face
the gleam in his eye for that magical place

repeat chorus

© 2015 Lisa Gundling and floyd jane.
Words and music. All rights reserved.