with Janice Merritt       (www.janiceandbud.com)

i drive an old gmc, that suits me just fine
i'd just as soon wear this worn out pair
of wrangler's all the time

he calls me a "society girl"
i like living in my champagne world

so we strike a balance between her world and mine

   we compromise for a kiss
   find love on middle ground
   like night and day, we meet halfway
   and our world slows down
   we might not always see eye-to-eye
   but we're heart-to-heart 'til the day we die
   sharing the love we found
   on middle ground

somedays it seems we can't agree at all
i'm a honky tonk guy, she gets invited
to the annual govenors ball

i've got shoes for every occassion
he's of the one-pair-of-boots persuasion

but when it comes to love, it's a mutual fall