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Too Dangerous
Uncommon Grace
It's All In The Heart (Greg/floyd)
Hey, Little Girl
A Little Bit Of This
Make It To Macon
Give Me A Break
Tracks And Roads
A Perfect Night
Bible On The Dresser (D. Snyder/f. jane)
Any Port In A Storm
The Heart Stops Here
Still Drinking
A Certain Woman's Heart
A Hole The Size Of Texas
One More Star
None Of It Matters
One True Heart
Take Me Drunk
This I Love Tammy Tattoo
Natural Partners
My Old Man (leverette/jane)
What An Old Man Must Think
Between The Pawnshop And That Woman
Ybor City Lullaby
Another Curve
Wrong Mailbox
Real Live Cowboy
She Makes It Look Easy
Stoplight On North Main Street
I Don't Care If The Moon Comes Out Tonight
What We Gonna Tell Our Children
Learning (w/JM)
Dinner For One
You'll Never Fall In Love Again
Win Your Heart (Duet w Janice)
Honky Tonk Of Higher Learning
Stole Her
The Lady Doesn't Want To Go Home
Shadow Of A Man
Started Again (w Janice)
I Love You When It Rains (D. Snyder/f. jane)
King Of The Country (D. Snyder/f. jane)
You Never Said A Word
My Daddy's Knee (Gungling/jane) (vocal: Janice)
The Con (Janice)
This Town Ain't Big Enough
Sometimes You Gotta Go Fishin'
Forged By Fire (w Janice)
One More Rhino
A Heart To Break
Given Up For Lent (osofsky/jane)
Middle Ground - (w/Janice)
She's Going Through Some Changes
She Doesn't Care
WTG (merritt/jane)
Exception To The Rule (leverette/jane)
The Thought Of Her
Hold On
Mystic Chords (merritt/jane)
She's Tried Everything
Holly's Got A Heart
Do You Remember (w/ JM)
Eric, Whaddaya Say?
This Old Heart
Perfect Friends
The Wire
Real Country (leblanc/jane)
In The City (w/JM)
I Wish It Was Meant For Me
Tell Her (adams/jane)
The Dance Of A Man In Love
Fallen Rider
Inside Out
That Old Car (vocal: Janice)
I'll Wait For You To Catch Up
Up To No Good Again
This Love Thing
Written - (w/Janice)
The Girl Next Door
Reverend Bob's Beer and BBQ Big Tent Bible Revival
Let's Get Started
Something's Gone Wrong
Five Gallon Head
More Than Just A Vase (Janice)
If I Could Get To You (w/Janice)
Prayer Of A Simple Man
Tryin' (Merritt/jane)
My Southern Belle
Can I Keep Her
Take Me Back
Lucky For Me
All You Need To Know
They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To (artist:Merritts)

Sure Enough
Bull By The Horns
Set In Stone
It Could Be
Broken Again
What A Crazy Thing (cowrite-Noel)
Ways Of Forgetting (merritt/jane)
Clare and the Wonderland Waltz
I Will Always Be Here (Cooper/jane
Ain't Goin' Nowhere
It'll Come To Me
I Can't Walk The Line
My Heart's In Your Hands
Bad Enough
Roy and Gene - (merritt/merritt/jane)
I'm Driving
Feeling Nothing At All
Forever's Not As Long As It Used To Be
A Face In The Crowd
You Not Here
Out On A Limb